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:bulletred:Welcome to Trapped-In-Fiction!:bulletred:

If you are reading this, thank you and welcome to the group page! As you can see, there isn't much here yet. That's why we need some amazing people like you to click the "Join the Group" button at the top of the screen! The more the merrier, am I right?

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:bulletblue:There will be NO hate! Everybody will get three strikes! First strike, you will get a warning. Second strike, you get another warning and are suspended from the group for three weeks (This means you will not be allowed to partake in any group event, submit your work to the group, or participate in anything group-related). When you get your third strike, you will be kicked out of the group. If you wish to join the group again, you must wait six months before submitting the request.

If you have gotten a flame or hate on your work, send me, xBrokenRecordx, a note with the link to the person's comment.

:bulletblue:If your work contains mature content, we ask that you PLEASE make sure there is a warning on your deviation.

:bulletblue: This group is for written pieces of art (Poetry, prose, six word stories, lyrics, etc...)! Please do not submit any drawings or photos.

:bulletblue:Have fun!

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Here are the Gallery Submission Rules:

If you feel that your piece does not fit into any of the following folders, please note me, xBrokenRecordx, with a link to your work so I can tell you where you should submit it. Thank you!

:bulletred: Please do not submit to the Featured Folder. The Featured Folder will be for exactly that: Featured work. Featured work will eventually include contest winners, Prompt of the Week winners, and other cool things that will be decided upon in the future. For now, the Featured folder will be left empty.

:bulletred: The "Adventure and Action" folder is for stories (or poems) where their main genre is Adventure or Action.

:bulletred: The "Angst, Horror, Tragedy" folder is for stories or poems where the main genres and elements are Horror, Tragedy, or Angst. If the piece holds any Horror elements, please submit it to this folder. Thank you.

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:bulletred: The "Romance" folder is dedicated to any piece of literature where romance is the main genre. If your piece holds a lot of romance, please submit it here.

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:bulletred: The "Lyrics" folder is for any lyrics that you have written yourself! Any copyrighted lyrics will be declined and your deviation will be reported.


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I'm sure everyone has heard of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". You might have read it in high school - such a common thing to be forced to read as an innocent little ninth grader.

Many people call "Romeo and Juliet" one of Shakespeare's best pieces. To some, this may be positively and absolutely true no-questions-asked. To some, this may be false in the sense that they believe Shakespeare wrote some better pieces. And to those other "some", they might just think that the story of Romeo and Juliet is ridiculous - "A twelve year old girl and a twenty year old guy falling in love at first sight? Bah! That's great, bro!"

I am going to put myself in a spotlight of shame by revealing that I was part of the last "some".

I respected the play as a piece of classic literature. But the whole concept? I wasn't a big fan. I kept thinking to myself, "So...Juliet and Romeo know each other for barely eighteen hours before getting married, claim they love each other, and then at the end Romeo kills himself because Juliet looks dead and then Juliet wakes up, sees dead Romeo, and kills herself because he killed himself for her?" It just wasn't something I liked.

But now, I think I understand. Maybe Romeo and Juliet did fall in love at first sight. So when they saw each other "dead", the sudden thought that "S/he's dead...I will never see him/her again in this world. I just can't live with that." races through their minds. They just fell in love! They just got married! They never had a chance to be happy! And I understand that now. That's why they killed themselves. That thought was too much for them to handle. The pain of seeing your beloved dead by your side caused such a deep wound you decided to kill yourself. If it means you'll be where your love is, you'll do it. You will be happy if you're with the one you love. Even if it mean killing yourself.

And that's what they did; killed themselves.

Pain of the heart is worse than pain of the body.

What are your opinions on this topic? Any thoughts? What have you gotten out of "Romeo and Juliet"? Do you have any suggestions as to any other book or poem to talk about in a journal? Please comment!
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